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Grenada Bureau of Standards

Robert Medford, Director, Grenada Bureau of Standards In 2018, the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards & Quality (CROSQ), in partnership with the CARICOM Secretariat’s Energy Unit, led the development of the CARICOM Regional Energy Efficiency Building Code, the CREEBC, and this showed the true principles of standardization and cooperation – in that, this code was […]

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Belize Bureau of Standards

The Belize Bureau of Standards, in its effort to support and promote sustainable consumption in Belize and the greater CARICOM Region, has been actively collaborating with stakeholders, regulators and businesses alike, to introduce a CARICOM Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme.  This scheme based on existing CARICOM Regional Standards for air conditioners, refrigerators and light bulbs drives […]

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Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards

ABBS ’s Role in Energy – Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy The Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards was established to provide for the preparation, promotion, implementation and maintenance of standards in relation to goods, services, processes and practices.  The Bureau is also responsible for declaring national standards and for initiating the development and declaration […]

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St. Lucia Bureau of Standards

In the last two decades, we have been witness to some spectacular changes in the cycles of weather phenomenon that affect our island our region and the world. The devastating impacts of tropical storms and hurricanes, hurricane Lennie in 1999 and tropical storm Tomas in 2010, Hurricane Maria 2017 can easily be recalled. These natural […]

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