Air Conditioners

(sample of the AC Energy Efficiency label)

Sample of the energy efficiency label for refrigerating appliances

The AC labels will display several elements in accordance with CRS 59:2019 – Requirements for Energy Labelling – Air Conditioners.

The elements displayed will include:

  • Administrator & CROSQ logos
  • the name or registered trade mark of the manufacturer or responsible local distributor;
  • model number;
  • EER (in w/w or ((Btu/h)/w)
  • the energy efficiency rating.

It may also display, at the desire of respective countries:

  • an annual energy consumption, calculated according to the total input power, in accordance with ISO 5151, multiplied for an average of 2000 hour per year in the cooling mode at full – load.

Labels shall be affixed to the exterior of the AC unit, in a position that is clearly visible to consumers.